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Having mold in your property can be a dangerous hazard. Mold can cause health issues, especially to those who have respiratory problems or allergies. If your house was affected by mold growth, your best option is to act quickly to prevent more health complications and stop mold from spreading any farther. Our mold remediation specialists have the expertise, knowledge and specialized equipment that can help you stop the spread of mold and prevent it from happening again. We execute our mold removal Port St Lucie methods efficiently, ensuring that your house is free of mold growth after we’re done.


As an experienced and licensed company in Port St Lucie, we supply mold inspection, mold removal and odor removal services to both residential and commercial clients in Florida. Our mold remediation process follows all of the EPA and OSHA guidelines, as well as the industry standards that are defined by the IICRC. We constantly utilize state of the art equipment that enables us to provide exceptional mold removal services. In addition, the products we use are both green, biodegradable and EPA licensed for use in both residential and commercial places.



Our Mold Removal Port St Lucie Services


Mold Inspection

inspectingWe begin by assessing the harshness of the mold problem before we start the mitigation procedure. Our team of specialists will inspect every single area in which the mold growth can conceal.

Through using our moisture detection equipment, our technicians can carefully evaluate and diagnose moisture intrusion within the construction of your home.





Mold spores can quickly be transferred to other elements of a building through the venting system, causing further contamination. Our technicians know well this issue and will isolate the contaminated region in order to stop the spread of mold spores into other unaffected regions of the property.



We utilize humidity controls which ensure that dust, chemical contaminants and other airborne debris are entirely taken out of the air.



removing moldAll the infected materials are eliminated in accordance with the mold removal guidelines. Our mold remediation Port St. Lucie technicians subsequently utilize HEPA vacuums to wash out all of the surfaces.

Our HEPA vacuums use heavy duty filters that eliminate even the smallest of particles from the atmosphere. If needed, we also conduct cleaning and sanitization of air duct systems to eliminate the chance of any residual mold staying within the air ducts.





One of the last steps is thorough vacuuming. This is done on most of the surfaces that were affected. Be aware that siding, furniture, rugs and other damaged items might have to be replaced if they come in contact at any point with mold.



mold removal port st lucie

Once the mold removal and cleanup procedure is finished, we start working with the restoration tasks. We re-install all flooring surfaces, do painting where necessary, and move in your furniture.

Our primary objective after removing all of the mold found, is to return your home to its initial pre-loss condition.





Why You Should Hire Us



Our clients are always updated and informed of the whole process, that way they can fully comprehend what goes on, and the benefits of not having any mold in sight. Our affordable pricing is always fair, and we maintain an open line of communication during the whole procedure.



You will find that our team of experts is highly educated, knowledgeable and skilled when it comes to the work that they do. Our cutting-edge tools are intended to eliminate every mold spore out of your house as fast as possible.


Quick reply times

We’re available 24/7 and always prepared to respond to your emergency anytime of the day. We know that immediate action is essential when confronted with a mold problem, which is why we come to you when you contact us.


Our remediation services concentrate on more than simply restoring your house. We completely understand the impact that mold can do to your property, health and wellbeing. Bearing this in mind, we ensure that our primary objective is to help you in all facets along the way.

Even though we hope a mold problem never invades your property, we will be there to assist you if ever needed. If you are a Florida resident living in Port St Lucie, contact us today for a no-cost estimate. Our trained technicians will arrive to your home, asses the damages and give you a detailed report of what needs to be done. We can also work with your insurance company, and create a plan that will benefit you the best.

Our number is: (772) 879-5450