A fire that has wreaked havoc in your area and has also affected your property is not something to take lightly. After the fire has been extinguished, you need to be extra careful when cleaning your home. You might expose yourself to dangerous chemicals and bacteria, not to mention risking getting infections and burns on your hands. The safest choice you have is to take benefit of our professional restoration services.

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Smoke and Fire Removal

Once the fire is out, the best thing you can do is to contact our Fire Restoration team here in Port St Lucie, Florida. In addition to providing you with advice on replacement and restoration, we will also send our mitigation team to assess the damage and help you restore those areas of your property affected by the fire. Our professional and experienced team of fire damage restorers use the best products and tools in the industry to prevent further accidents from occurring and to fire-proof your entire home, including walls, furniture and even appliances. This way, you get the peace of mind that you are protected in case another potential fire breaks out.


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Our Fire Damage Restoration Services


– Smoke Odor Removal:

The odor of smoke may remain in clothes and other textiles long after the fire is extinguished. Thus, it is necessary to use a personalized ozone treatment in order to destroy smoke molecules from your carpets, upholstery, drapes and clothes. This process can either be completed in our secure environment or at home, in a secluded environment under a tent.


– Soot removal:

Soot removal is a complicated process and should not be tried at home, without proper equipment and substances. Our fire restoration team is properly trained and equipped to remove soot and to ensure all items affected are deodorized and cleaned thoughtfully. We use the latest techniques to easily remove soot from walls as well. In extreme cases, we may use chemical sponges for perfect cleaning.


– Clothes and Furniture Cleaning:

After deodorizing your home and removing the soot, it is time to clean all your clothing and furnishings. Our professional fire damage home restorers take all of your draperies and clothing to a large cleaning plant. Expect all your furnishings and clothes back in a few days, looking and smelling as brand like new. To top it all, we will also clean your carpets.


– Removing Smoke Odor:

Restoring after a fire and removing soot is as hard as it is, but if you add smoke to the equation, you are in a for a nasty business. Removing smoke odor will never be accomplished by using traditional air purifiers or by keeping your windows open for a week. You will need the right equipment and personnel.

Our experienced smoke removal team uses thermal fogging solutions to remove smoke odor from HVAC ductwork, walls and any other similar porous surfaces. We also use a unique chemical sealer to ensure that the remaining smoke is trapped at the end of the ducts.


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