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When facing a water damage emergency, our professional team of Port St. Lucie experts should be your first call. Whether the damage was caused by a broken pipe, a sewage problem or other water related emergencies, we will act in a quick and professional matter to ensure your home or building is damage-free and safe.

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Our Services

  • Water Extraction & Restoration

    We will quickly pump out the water from your home or building, remove moisture through dehumidification, and restore any structural damages back to their normal condition

  • Basement Water Damage

    If your basement was flooded because of a broken heater or pipe, our cutting edge drying and extraction equipment will remove all damages caused by water

  • fire and smoke cleanup Fire & Smoke Cleanup

    Our professional fire cleanup team specializes in restoration and replacement. We will remove soot, smoke, and odors from your household.

  • mold remediation Mold Remediation

    We offer a wide variety of mold removal methods. We will carefully eliminate the mold from affected areas, and discourage further mold growth


Water Damage Restoration Port St Lucie FL


Port St. Lucie Florida


By working with our flood damage restoration team, you get the assurance of working with the best company in your area. Our staff uses only state-of-the-art equipment and are properly trained to deal with any type of problems and challenges. Our vast range of services include but not limited to: restoration and cleanup, water mitigation, drying, mold inspection/cleanup, dehumidification and water extraction/removal.


Professional Cleanup Services of Water Damage in Port St. Lucie

Probably one of the more common types of property damage for both commercial and residential owners is water damage. Water damage in Port St. Lucie FL is a common occurrence, and most of the problems we find are due to: leaky pipes, faulty water heaters, broken washing machines, refrigerators and even dishwashers. Toilet or sink overflow, together with sewer line breakage, are other common occurrences. To top it all, hurricane season and strong storms can wreak havoc in Port St. Lucie Florida, skyrocketing the damage done by water.

Water damages can affect a wide range of areas of your home or property, including crawlspaces, attics and basements. We mobilize immediately to fix any type of damage done by water, to ensure you the benefit of a complete restoration. There is nothing worse than to lose money because water damage affecting your commercial property, or to watch your home’s entire foundation being affected by water damage. In order to avoid these unpleasant, even critical situations, our professional cleanup team uses industry proven techniques and devices to guarantee the fastest and most efficient drying process.

You can rest assured that our water mitigation company can easily accommodate all of your drying needs, from dehumidification to water extraction and cleanup. Whether residential, commercial, industrial, we can handle anything from 40 square feet to over 60,000. Contact us to know how we can help you restore your property, just as it was before being affected by water damage. We are one of the top water damage restoration companies near me.


Do’s and Don’ts of Water Damage


When affected by water damage in port st lucie, here are some crucial aspects you should keep in mind:


water restoration port st lucie fl



Wipe clean the water from your wood furniture after removing tablecloth, lamps and other items

Remove excess water through blotting and mopping

Place wooden spacers or aluminum foil between the legs of your furniture and the wet floor or carpet

Prop up or remove upholstery cushions that have been affected by water in order to ensure even drying

Open cabinet doors and drawers for complete and even drying

Open the windows of your home to speed up the drying process

Turn on your air conditioner during summer for quicker drying


port st lucie water damage



Leave magazines, books or any other artificially colored material on your floors or carpets.

Leave wet fabric where it is. Try to dry it as fast as possible in order to avoid mold and mildew from appearing.

Use your vacuum to try and remove water – this won’t work, and you might end up destroying your vacuum

Keep your TV or any other appliances on wet spaces

Turning on lights when ceiling is wet. Stay away from any room that has a sagged ceiling due to too much retaining water.


Sewage Damage Cleanup Services

In addition to water removal services, we also offer specialized sewage cleaning services. We realize how dangerous raw sewage is, especially due to the high amount of bacteria it contains. Broken pipes need to be cleaned thoroughly, using professional tools and specialized procedures. Do not try to tackle the problem by yourself, but contact us and our certified sewage specialists will arrive at your place ASAP to disinfect and sanitize your property, removing any potential health risks.


Complete Flood Damage Repair Services

Our high-end services include complete structural drying, water removal, area rug & upholstery cleaning, mold remediation, advanced dehumidification, reprocessing, document drying, structural repairs and fire damage restoration.

It is our top priority to meet your needs and exceed your expectations, enabling you to capitalize on a full array of flood damage repair services. Contact us now and benefit from our professional Port St. Lucie Florida cleanup services.


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